Sarala Board has constituted the undernoted Committees to improve corporate governance and bring in efficiency in operations. The Committees have been invested with specific roles and responsibilities and their functions are regularly overseen by the Board.


Audit Committee is headed by Mr. Biswa Bandhu Mohanty, Independent Director and other members of the Committee are Dr. Arabinda Kumar Sinha, Mr. Ganesh Chandra Modak and Mr. Kuntal Banerjee. The Committee sits minimum 4 times a year.


Board has formed this committee to consider terms and conditions of credit facilities sanctioned by Banks/Finance Companies to facilitate acceptance/rejection of the sanctions and seek modifications in the sanctioned terms, if considered necessary. This hastens the process of availing the credit  facilities. The proceedings of the Finance Committee are presented in detail to the ensuing Board Meeting for ratification. At present, the Committee is comprised by Mr. Pranab Raskhit, MD & CEO, and two Directors, Mr. Ganesh Chandra Modak and Mr. Kuntal Banerjee.


This Committee has been formed by the Board to assist it in the discharge of the roles and responsibilities of the Board in the process of risk management of the company, which includes internal control. The members of the Committee are Mr. Pranab Rakshit, Mr. Biswa Bandhu Mohanty and Mr. Ganesh Chandra Modak.