Story of Kajal Santra

kajalKajal Santra” is a typical Indian housewife and mother of 2 children (One son and one daughter). She belongs to a village called Baniban in Howrah District of West Bengal. She got married at the age of 15 and got her first child at the age of 16. She after 3 years got her daughter. Her Husband was an Agriculture Labour. But due to his bad health he lost his work. And kajal with two small children was in a situation with no Family Income and no support from her family as well. Initially in her family her Husband was only earner which was not sufficient to build capital for business expansion and to provide good shelter, hygienic food and good education for their children. They were unbanked due to unavailability and inconvenience, they were not able to put collateral or mortgages for availing loan from Banks. She hence, decided to earn and take care of her family. She from her father’s profession was capable of manufacturing “Topar”, The headdress made of Pith & Zari used for Bengali Groom during Wedding Rituals. Now, she was in a need of suitable and easy financial source to change their lives. Meanwhile she came to know about Microfinance Institutions from her neighbors at her village, she also understood the benefits to be associated with it.

She experienced her first micro finance facility on 2012 and availed a credit assistance of ₹ 10,000/- from Unnati, she invested the whole amount to purchase materials to start the work She started producing 4 Pieces every week and earning ₹ 1000 Every week. From that she could take care of basic Foods and Clothing of the family and also could repay her Loan. The credit facility of ₹10, 000/- made a significant change in her life and livelihood as well as gave her confidence to grow and dream. Then Kajal never looked behind, she taken further 3 loans from Unnati of ₹12,000/-, ₹ 12,000/- and ₹ 15,000/- respectively and grown her business, Today she could make and sell 10 pieces every week and her gross Margin through sales come to ₹ 3000/-, she also had a labour working under her whom she pays ₹ 1000/- a week and rest ₹ 2000/- is her Weekly profit. She could manage the Household expenditure and also made her Kids to go to School for Education. In her journey she also proved to be a 100% On-time Repayer of her loan as well as she motivates other clients in her Group as well as her Village neighbors to do the same.

She believes that if all clients of Microfinance institutions show positive attitude and are confident about their growth and prosperity, then elevation of Poverty through Microcredit is not an Impossible Dream in India.

Client’s Name: Kajal Santra
Age: 31 years
Location: Village-Uluberia, Howrah, State- West Bengal, India.
Occupations: Topor Work, a Headdress made of Pith & Zari
Engagement in activity: Self
Family Member: 2 Children
Loan Cycle: 4th cycle

Credit History with Unnati:-


1st Time

2nd Cycle

3rd Cycle

4th Cycle

Date of Disbursement: 23/09/2012 26/08/2013 20/07/2014 25/06/2015
Amount Disbursed (ins.) 10000 12000 12000 15000
Purpose: Topor Work, a Headdress made of Pith & Zari Topor Work, a Headdress made of Pith & Zari Topor Work, a Headdress made of Pith & Zari Topor Work, a Headdress made of Pith & Zari

Story of Asima Das

Asima DasAsima Das When my Husband saw how successful I became after y 1st Loan, he too got courage to start his own business”

Mr. Ghanteswar Das lost his Job once the Jutemill factory closed down in the year 2005. The family was finding difficult even to have food for 2 times for themselves. Their Son and Daughter left school as they could not produce the fees. After 2 long struggling year Asima Das, his wife decided to start her own work. She got her first Credit-line from sarala in 2008 with a Loan of ₹ 5000/-, she purchased some Flowers and started selling those infront of local temple within her Village, Nalpur, Howrah. Within a year, she could manage a Monthly Income of ₹ 1000/- through this business. Her Husband too started working inspired by her Wife’s courage. She got further Credit from Sarala of ₹ 6000/- and started a small shop with her Husband. Today, she along-with her Husband, having Own Flower Shop running successfully with a Monthly net profit of ₹ 6000/-, Moreover, she helped her Son to start his Own Mechanical shop to earn another ₹ 5000/- from the shop. Her Daughter did her schooling and also doing Tailoring work at Home. She created a successful example how Courage, hard work supported by Micro-Loan can change lives of an entire family.

Story of Sekha Adhikari

Sekha Adhikari” Sekha Adhikari, lives in Joduberia village in Howrah district (West Bengal). Joduberia is a village with around 300 households. She lives with her husband, one son and one daughter. The family leaves in a modest house. Sekha and her husband’s story exemplifies how hard work, capacity to take initiatives along with availability of resources can help a family to not only move out of poverty but to actually build wealth.

She has experienced the first micro finance facility on 10th October 2011 and availed a credit assistance of ₹ 8,000/- from Unnati, she invested the whole money in their Badminton feather making business. She took 4 loans in last 4 years and invested the whole amount in the same business. She used to produce 100 pieces a Week and produce a Net Margin of ₹ 700 and today she sells 500 pieces in local market and her Weekly Profit scaled up at ₹ 3000/-. Micro credit assistance from Unnati not only helps in scaling-up her business but also increase the Income up to 450% within 4 years. She is a sound earner today and comfortable fulfils the need of Household expenses and also could manage their children getting good education. She along-with her Husband started renovating her House.

In her words “I am lucky to have Unnati with me who changed my Life and build a Better future for my Children as well”