What we have done

During the last 4 years ended March 31, 2017, Sarala achieved impressive growth rates:
Item Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)
Assets Under Management (AUM) 169%
Revenues 151%
Borrowers served 200%

Sarala’s strengths include

  • A track record of unfailing adherence to due dates for repayment of our borrowings since inception and through various ups and downs in the industry.
  • A loyal customer base based on TRUST – a very high retention rate.
  • An experienced management team.
  • An ethical culture
  • Conservative management style

Our opportunities lie in our strengths, India’s huge market size and our geographical location advantage to serve underserved markets of the North-east

In addition to growth in size, AUM, revenues and profitability, Sarala has been conscious of its social impact.

Evident Social Impact

A Sarala branch in rural Bengal

Sarala operates in the Eastern states of Bengal, Assam, and Bihar with Jharkhand under evaluation. While these 4 states in Eastern India account for a population of 200 million (out of India’s 1.3 billion), they are among of the poorest regions in India. India itself is ranked 130 in the world on the basis of Human Development Index (HDI) at 0.605. But this region has a HDI of 0.462 with the lowest being Jharkhand at 0.376. Compare that with the USA at 0.915, ranked 8th in the world.

In addition to microcredit, Sarala has been an active player in a USAID Renewable Energy project, distributing Solar lamps through its network of branches with interest free loans. Sarala’s income has been from Solar lamp manufacturers, while borrowers were provided no-interest loans maturing 6-12 months. Sarala has been recognized by USAID through its partner ARC Finance as a leading Microfinance player in their renewable energy programs

Group Meetings with Sarala Credit Officers. Extreme right shows handmade zari embroidery by Sarala Borrowers

Through its affiliates, Sarala Healthcare, villagers have been provided with healthcare check-ups and medicines at subsidized prices. We have also distributed teak tree saplings on several occasions to help in diversifying income sources of its borrowers as well as training in fishery.

Sarala and OIKO Credit International Foundation, Netherlands have recently entered into an Agreement where Sarala will engage Access Development for providing CPP training and implementation assistance. The bulk of the cost will be borne by OIKO Credit.